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3 Expert Tips from Anne Hyun of Black Twine.

3 Expert Tips from Anne Hyun of Black Twine.

Have you ever dreamt of throwing that epic New Years Eve party but haven’t because the thought of planning it, while trying to get through the holidays, is just to much to think about?  Well have we got news for you. Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Meet Black Twine. A home entertainment company that specializes in curated party packages and our design partner of the month.

This month, Anne Hyun, co- founder of black twine,  designed a dining room for us centered around entertaining. Here Anne shares some insight on why she started Black twine and her tips on how to throw a great party. And be certain to check out their VERY glam kid-approved NYE house party!

 FTR: What prompted you to start Black Twine and how do you hope your product impacts your customer?

AH: Back in 2014, I was planning Janice (my now business partner’s) bridal shower. I wanted to throw a tea party I’d seen on Pinterest but couldn’t figure out how to purchase the items pictured.  I ended up staying up every night bidding for individual tea cups on eBay to replicate the look!

At the time, part of my full-time job, was leading premium events for American Express, so it was a bit embarrassing that I struggled so much to plan a party of my own. I was also noticing how there was an increased value on experiences, particularly among the millennial generation. I wanted to be part of the solution – to make it easier to for folks to entertain and celebrate. Black Twine’s goal is to make stylish entertaining easy.

Our party concepts are styled by experts in the industry and include a shoppable product list, recipes, easy DIY, planning tools and tips to re-create the full look seamlessly.

FTR: Your business centers around entertaining and creating memorable moments.  What do you do in your everyday life to create special moments for you and your loved ones that are as fun as the parties you sell?  

AH: I have two young children, so much of my everyday life centers around making our family time special. Traditions are a big part of creating special moments. Every week, we try to do a “special” dinner at home where the kids can pick what they want to eat, and then we watch a TV show or movie together. We can never get through more than 10 minutes since someone always gets distracted, but it’s fun to have something to look forward to every week. We also make decorating our house a family affair every year. We pull out our ornaments and go through all of the memories associated with each previous holiday.

FTR: What are your top 3 entertaining tips that you could share with our readers?



We may sound like a broken record on this front but the most important ingredient to a Pinterest-worthy party is using just one or two colors (e.g., blue and white) and one theme (e.g., clouds). Use the selected colors and motif to guide all purchasing decisions from the invitation to the decorations to the serving ware.


Often the stress of planning is caused by having too many decorative or culinary components to execute. Our advice when it comes to décor, flowers, wine or food is to keep it as simple as possible – less on the variety, more on the quantity of each. Considering five different appetizers for a cocktail party? You can probably cut down to two or three substantial appetizers but ensure that each guest is able to go for seconds and even thirds.


Want to throw a memorable event? Get your guests to interact with each other! To facilitate these moments, we recommend building in the social components, such as creating a photo backdrop in a corner, having conversation cards prepared for a dinner party, or making dessert DIY smores by the fire pit.

FTR: You are a busy mom and entrepreneur who is always on the go.  What does home mean to you and what is your favorite at-home activity?   

AH: Home really is where the heart is. As a homebody by nature, home to me signals comfort. The minute I walk into the door, I must change into my pajama pants and get into my slippers. My kids are really into snuggling these days, and I have to say that is seriously the best activity ever! I am taking advantage of it now, since I don’t know how much longer this will last!

FTR: Are there any other rituals that you do that help you foster a life you love?

One of my recent discoveries is baths! For whatever reason, I just used to use the bath to bathe my kids. One day after seeing some lovely Instagrams of spa-like bath rituals, I decided to try for myself. I’m now addicted. I love to add bath salts and oils – it’s such a treat during the week.  A little self-care goes a long way!