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Mindful Design

Mindful Design

Have you always wanted to live in a home you love? And do you have the sense that if you did love your home, your whole life might be better? This is at the core of what we believe at Fifty Two Rooms and why we are here  -- to inspire you to live your best life at home, surrounded by thoughtfully selected items that enhance your whole life experience.

While “Mindfulness” is a big buzzword these days, for us, it’s something we’ve been practicing for years with our design clients.  We start each new project from a very intentional place, not designing just for the sake of making a space look pretty, but truly understanding the power of design to change lives when done in a mindful way.

 One of our favorite design stories is that of a client who, when we met her,  had a beautiful (and rather large) living room... that was never used. Her children avoided spending time in this space and instead chose to depart to their respective rooms and be on their own.  The result, to the dismay of our client – a mom who cherished being with her kids -- , was no collective family time. The room had been designed for the sole purpose of ‘looking good’. When we first met, we interviewed her and walked away with a laundry list of what she needed and wanted to include in the space. We also talked with her about her dream and vision for the room, which was to create a space where her whole family would come together on a regular or even daily basis.  And, even though everyone might be doing separate activities, they would all be in the same room together at the same time.  

We faced many challenges on this job, but we finally came up with a floor plan and design concept that our client loved.  Two weeks after the installation was complete, we received a call from her one evening. She was crying. Turns out they were tears of joy.  (phew!) The space we designed had done the trick. It was a Thursday night and the whole family, including her dogs, were all congregated in the one room.  Her dream had come true.

This is the power of Mindful Design.  Whether it’s the way you arrange your furniture, the pieces you select, or the color of your walls, your home holds the key to creating a life you love -- and not just when you’re inside your home, but also when you step out into the world. If you feel nurtured at home, you will be more able to take on whatever the world throws at you once you leave the protective shelter of your homebase. Considering whether a particular sofa or a decorative object contributes to your overall well-being is all part of the Mindful Design process.

Our decision to approach Mindful Design on a broader scale is the driving force that we bring to all of our Fifty Two Rooms featured spaces, as well as to the curated product line we showcase.  In a time when people are so focused on ways in which they can live healthier lives, we believe your home environment can be a huge supporting factor with respect to your success in the area of ‘living well’. To this end, our contributing designers are chosen carefully from our favorite influencers in the world of health, wellness, and empowerment. Most of them are not traditional designers at all, but  they all have amazing style AND love the home decor domain. These design partnerships allow us to shed a big, bold light on ways in which these individuals have shaped their own physical surroundings to better their lives - ideas that we can all learn from and be inspired by.

In addition to our regular release of new and exciting spaces, we provide design tips, resource ideas, and of course daily inspiration on how to lead a more intentional, mindful life both in and out of your home. Join us on the journey; be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check us out on Instagram.