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Jenn and Sarah Pearsall of Sefte Living

Jenn and Sarah Pearsall of Sefte Living


At first glance these two ladies seem to have it all.  They are smart, beautiful (both inside and out) and have a level of thoughtfulness that you don’t find everyday.  Then as you get closer you realize they are all that and so much more. Jenn and Sarah Pearsall are the twin sister duo behind Sefte Living; a luxury home goods company that works with female artisans in Peru and Vietnam to create handcrafted home accessories that are unparalleled with their quality and impact.  Together, they are redefining what home luxury means and are shedding a light on what it means to use your purchase as a powerful tool to help make a positive change in the world. We had the pleasure of not only working with them on the design of their room but also got to sit down with them to talk about what home means to them and learn about some of the special home rituals they practice.   

FTR: Tell us a little bit about how you started Sefte Living.

Jenn: Sarah and I were inseparable throughout our childhood, college and even into our experiences living and volunteering abroad in Latin America. It was when we came home and entered the working world, something changed. We found ourselves on different coasts. We lost a connection with each other and the work we had done to assist the incredible people of Central and South America. And, we saw the same all around us... people racing towards an invisible finish line and losing their connection with themselves and each other along the way.

Sarah: It wasn’t long before we decided it was time to slow our lives down. To reconnect. To cherish the moments that we had with each other, our families and ultimately with ourselves. To rediscover all the intoxicating inspiration we found in places like Argentina, Guatemala,Costa Rica and Peru.And we decided that the best place to start was in our home. We started Sefte. Being bi-coastal, it’s also a great excuse to be connected and on the phone with one another all day. We probably talk to each other more than our husbands-that’s a lot.


FTR: Do you think that working with Artisan women around the world has impacted the way you live your life?  If so, what would you say has been the biggest impact ? Has it changed your view of what home means to you?

Jenn: I think there is something very real about the circle of abundance. When you promote and support those around you, that abundance and success is returned in kind. Our ‘sisters’ in Peru pour their hearts into their weaving and knitting. They take a huge amount of pride in their work. I think our customers feel that authenticity.

Sarah: I also think people respond to a brand that stands for something more than just its product. We are about sisterhood. We are about women supporting each other...believing in each other...helping each other. And, it’s not just with our artisans but the many women who have supported us all along -friends, family and other female entrepreneurs.

Jenn: It has absolutely impacted the way we live and run our business. We’ve always hungered for our work to be about something bigger than just beautiful bedding. There’s a higher purpose in what we’re creating with Sefte. When you purchase a Sefte throw, you’re not just buying a blanket. You’re providing the opportunity for a woman in Peru to literally weave her way to financial independence. It’s not just philanthropy. It’s also good business.

Sarah: Made by the hands of artisans in Peru, using only the finest materials and artisanal weaving techniques, every one of our pieces tells a story beyond its luxuriously soft touch. Knowing that something you’re putting on your bed is ethically sourced and has a soul to it...that’s something different. Something extraordinary. It is through this lens that I now purchase for my home and define what a home means to me.

FTR: What is the one thing in your home that you can’t live without?

Sarah: My boys Josh (9), Finn (7) and my husband Mike are home to me; home is wherever they are.  That said, I’m obsessed with my Vitruvi essential oil diffuser. I add the oil that I “need in my life” that day and it transforms my home.  I’ve even created my own personal home essence by blending a few. I have always been drawn to scents. My husband said I should have moved to Paris to become a “Nose” for a perfume house.  Scents conjure up recollections of childhood. They affect me and move me. I need them in my home.

Jenn: My hearth. I moved to the mountains last year and we bought a home with a wood-burning fireplace. To be clear, the home was secondary to my complete obsession with the hearth. Sarah and I grew up in a mountain cabin heated primarily by a wood-burning stove. So there is a definite nostalgia, a certain home-coming for me about this newfound hearth in my life I build the fires in our home. I relish the process of creating the perfect stack of tinder, kindling and logs. To build and nurture a fire into life brings me such unabashed joy. It is earthy and real... and conversing with this hearth on a daily basis in the winters is a ritual I savor.

FTR: Are there any “At Home” rituals that you do that help you to foster a life you love?

Sarah: For me life is about connection.  The most sacred of which is with myself and my family. My “Me” ritual is simply a meditation practice. Two times a day for 20 minutes I sit. Without fail. This practice has literally changed and saved my life. My ritual with my family occurs every night at bedtime, all four of us climb into bed and Iread all of us Harry Potter. And it really is ritualistic in that we all four have specific spots where we sit.  I always read. And we don’t read unless all of us are there.We are transported into a world of magic and adventure together. It is something that ALL of us look forward to each day. There are so many lessons about courage, honesty, friendship and life imbued into these books. Dumbledore is my all-time favorite character. If you asked me if I could have dinner with one person, it would be Dumbledore. I’m exposing my dorkiness? Once we finish one of the books, we plan a movie night to watch the movie.  We are now on the 3rd book in the series. It is my happy time.

Jenn: My two daughters and I have stumbled upon a ritual that we now practice every evening, which my girls have aptly named ‘Peace and Calming’. Right after book reading but before bed, we embark on a mini celebration of self which entails the selection of one essential oil blend (provided in vast array by Auntie Sass of course) that will guide in the ‘peace and calming’ of that evening. I talk to them about their individual choices and how each oil and scent helps with certain ailments and emotional states. They usually choose wildly different combinations each night. It is a rapturous ritual filled with giggles and glee. Yet, I have also found it profoundly successful in getting both of my girls to talk about their daily struggles and concerns. This little practice of self-care has become a magical moment of reflection and introspection in our home... and yes, very much a ritual.