About Us

Fifty-Two Rooms was conceived of and created by noted interior designers Jennifer Flanders and Amy Purcell. Jennifer’s focus has always been exclusively residential; Amy’s portfolio includes hotels and restaurants in addition to homes. Amy’s taste skews more modern, while Jennifer is more traditional. The two women share a reputation for creating beautiful, functional spaces, but it’s their differences in background and sensibility that enable them to offer rooms in such a huge variety of styles for people in every life situation.

Known for an eclectic style featuring an innovative use of bright color and layers of pattern, Jennifer launched her career at the high-end, classically minded AD 100 residential design firm Cullman and Kravis. Her projects have ranged from a five- bedroom apartment on Central Park West and beachfront homes in Martha’s Vineyard and Palm Beach to more budget-conscious homes for young families in the suburbs and empty-nesters relocating to the city. The principal at Jennifer Flanders, Inc., she lives with her two teenaged daughters in New York City, where eight years of major life changes and multiple apartment moves have underscored her faith in the power of a well- designed, beautiful home to offer a sense of security in even the toughest times.

A graduate of Parson’s School of Design in New York, Amy gravitates toward soothing neutral tones enlivened by pops of color and a mix of modern and transitional pieces. Now the principal at ASI Design Studio, Inc., she started out working alongside famed David Rockwell, one of the country’s top hospitality designers. Her commercial experience taught her how to best use a room’s layout to serve those using it and which materials stand up to heavy use. Her own home is a case in point: she, her husband, and their two children live in a place that is not only chic and comfortable, but durable and flexible. Every other weekend the playroom transforms into a bedroom for her visiting stepson, and the living room has specially designed places to quickly stash toys when guests arrive.